The Career Management Centre (CMC) acts as the liaison between our highly diverse talent pool of students, alumni, and employers. The CMC exists primarily to help achieve professional career advancement of students that enroll for management education at the institute.

CMC strives to aid students in realizing this goal. CMC assists students to obtain 2-month summer internships (during May and June every year) during the summer break of their post-graduate programme. It also coordinates with recruitments to conduct campus placement drives for graduating students. The CMC’s focus is to achieve 100% summer internship and final placements for all the students enrolled in the institute’s management programmes.


  • To provide career guidance about choice of specialization, placements, and entrepreneurship opportunities to students.
  • To assist first-year students in securing two months summer internships and to help them explore the application of conceptual learning in an industry setting
  • To assist students for live project opportunities in the industry or within the institute
  • To assist second-year students in securing final placements
  • To maintain corporate relations with recruiters from the industry and alumni
  • To organize Pre- Placement Training to enable students to ace company interviews
  • To provide awareness to students about Placement Policy, Training & Selection Process.
  • Planning and organizing various alumni interaction programs to help students gain familiarity with the working style of different companies as well as knowledge of various industry sectors
  • Acting as a bridge between industry and academia to channel new developments through ongoing research towards on-ground implementation
  • Assisting recruiting companies for their promotion on the campus and managing the entire placement process.
  • Partnering with recruiters in organizing Corporate Onboarding programmes for students.