Waste Management

E-waste management –The Institute has a provision for the appropriate disposal of the minimal e-waste generated on campus. All e-waste is collected and sent to sister concern Institutes of the Franciscan group of institutions for re-use as much as possible, or for further processing. E-waste generated on campus is never dumped mindlessly in or around the campus.

Organic waste management – Organic waste generated on campus is managed efficiently through an initial segregation process, which is collected by Brihan mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for further processing.

Non-degradable waste management – Non- degradable and recyclable waste like plastic waste, cans and tins, glass bottles, etc. are collected in separate bins designated for the same and sent for recycling. The Institute discourages any littering on the campus of any kind of waste, organic or recyclable matter. Regular awareness and signboards suggesting the same are displayed on various areas on the campus. Use of plastic bags of micron size below the legal minimum permitted level are banned on campus. Likewise, use of jute, cloth or paper bags is encouraged. For all events on campus, recyclable paper bags are specially printed and used, even for gifting purpose at such events for guests and dignitaries.