Every student at SFIMAR becomes an integral part of its ever-growing family and therefore, the institute highly values its alumni relationships. The institute regularly encourages its alumni to maintain a sense of belonging to the institute. Several alumni regularly visit their alma mater and are deeply involved with the institute through participating in the several events and activities throughout the academic year that encourage alumni members to contribute towards the institutional holistic development.

The list of Activities where Alumni members are actively engaged:-

1. Alumni Connect: SFIMAR is proud of its several distinguished alumni that have gone on to become top performers in the corporate world and have carved out a niche for themselves as entrepreneurs. By maintaining continued association with such alumni, the institute has been able to strengthen its network within the industry. By facilitating interaction with such alumni, SFIMAR allows its students to benefit gaining the latest industry insights. It is organized thrice a year.


Alumni members groom the current batch students as per industry requirements by taking various sessions of Group Discussions, Communication, body language, Personal branding etc.


Alumni members frequently visit on Saturdays for mentoring the students. Currently they are also actively involved in online mentoring activities conducted through various meeting platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, etc.

Guest Lectures:

Identified Alumni members are invited for knowledge sharing as per their area of expertise.


Alumni are involved in imparting technical training to the current batch of students.

Curriculum Development:

Alumni members also contribute towards the curriculum development with the perspective of industry requirements by participating in academic advisory committee meetings

As judges in ‘Summer Xcellence’:

This is an annual intra-collegiate event of summer internship competition where students present insights of their internship work that are judged by senior alumni members who are invited as judges/panelists.

Project Guidance:

Senior alumni members are involved as summer internship guides for the students. They guide the entire summer internship either by giving them a defined project of their own company or they guide the students on the project given by other organizations.

Alumni as Motivator:

Alumni play a role of a motivator and sponsor awards for the ‘Best Business Plan’ and ‘Best Readership’. The activity is planned and monitored by the alumnus who sponsored it. These awards are given by alumni sponsors on Annual Day of the institute.

Assistance in Placement:

Alumni members are in constant touch with placement cell of the institute and assist by sharing the job opportunities available in their company or with their acquaintances for projects, summer and final placement.