Recruiters Details - Final Placement

Recruiters Details - Summer Placement

Ms. Sangeeta Varma Manager, Corporate Relations & Placement (MCRP)

Ms. Sangeeta Varma
Manager, Corporate Relations & Placement (MCRP)

Dear Industry Partner,

It is a matter of great pride and privilege to invite you to partner with us and make our students of Batch 2022 an integral part of your esteemed organization’s growth process.

We are happy to share that despite the pandemic, our students of Batch 2022 succeeded in bagging final placement in companies of repute, achieving higher remunerations as compared to the previous years. The Batch 2022 was privileged to get 180 ‘Work from Home’ corporate projects for their summer internship. The companies regularly recruiting from SFIMAR have shown the same interest in recruitment from the institute as earlier years.

This undoubtedly speaks about the trust in the quality of the product of SFIMAR i.e. it’s students. We thank all our recruiters for believing in SFIMAR and strengthening the bond of trust year by year.

To meet up the pandemic challenges, the Institute is focused to enhance the capability of its students by training them as per the current requirements of the industry so that they are more productive even working remotely. Student Skill Development Programme (SSDP) is the most desired offering of the institute that brings tailor-made trainings & certifications to the students.

Career Management Centre (CMC) assists corporates in identifying and connecting them with the right talent digitally while at the same time helping students identify and match their interests & abilities and honing their skill sets to meet job-specific opportunities.

SFIMAR brings you the professionals, with a varied talent pool and we trust that they will more than meet your expectations.

SFIMAR talent you recruit today will surely be an asset to your organization tomorrow!