SFIMAR Library and Information Resource Center (LIRC) has deployed the best cutting edge technology to proactively meet the evolving needs of faculty and students. It aims to support the teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute by providing innovative world-class information services.

Dr. V. Thangavel

SFIMAR LIRC aims to support the teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute using the state-of-the-art techniques in information management. Its mission is to achieve excellence and professionalism in library services and help its users to achieve their goals by providing innovative world-class information services and Open Access system. The LIRC has over 14522 books on various aspects of management studies. In addition, the LIRC boasts of over 50 Indian and International journals in print form and more than 10000 e-journals available through online databases. The LIRC also has varied collection of Audio Visual materials in the form of CD-ROMs and DVDs. It has 6 subscribed online databases which provide access to Industry/Company/Statistical information. The remote login access software, MyLOFT serves as an effective tool for accessing e-resources for the user community of faculty members, researchers and postgraduate students. The online journals and databases, subscribed, are accessed by logging on to MyLOFT web/mobile app (

SFIMAR LIRC has become a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET), National Digital Library (NDL) and INFLIBNET N-LIST Consortia, through which it can access about 6000 peer reviewed e-journals and over 31,35,000 E-Books from reputed publishers and institutions.

The LIRC, equipped with all modern facilities, provides a conducive environment to its users. A completely integrated library software including a bar-coding system has automated a lot of procedures and facilitates efficient circulation of books and other library material. The bibliographic details of library documents can be accessed through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) from any of the work stations (computer terminals and Interactive Kiosk) available in/off the campus through Wi-Fi using URL: sfimar Digital Interactive Kiosk in the Reading area displays information on amazing facts on libraries, LIRC tutorials, G.K., SFIMAR events etc. Endeavor is to create an inspiring learning environment, which enables the students to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

LIRC Working Hours

Monday to Saturday: 09.00 AM to 08.00 PM
Library will remain closed on SFIMAR LIST holidays


Dr. V. ThangavelLibrarianExtension No. 121
Mr. Vrushal BhatkarLibrary AttendantExtension No. 122

LIRC Advisory Committee

The LIRC advisory committee consists of the following members

Bro. Alphonse Nesamony
Dr. Sulbha Raorane
Bro. Xavier Munda
Dr. Thomas Mathew
Research Advisor
Dr. G Ramesh
Dr. Natika Poddar
Prof. Vasudha Rao
Dr. V. Thangavel